Monday, January 21, 2013

NDS ROMs Full 19 Download for Free

Installation Instructions

01. Use the menu to start OfflineList
02. The screen is blank and you have to load the "dat"
03. To select the "dat", use the arrow next to "DAT" at the bottom of the screen
04. You should now see all games being scanned
05. You can select games in containing your own language, see 5.
06. To extract games, simply right-click it and choose -> extractor -> Extract to ...
07. You can also use the selector for extracting, simply hold down the Ctrl key and select multiple games, click one and select "add games to selector"
08. for selected games, go to the plugins menu and select "Show selector"
09. from here you can remove your games with or without applying the "trimmer" module
10. Applying the module are even smaller games extracted
11. If you try to shut OfflineList, get an error because it wants to write some data to a file on the DVD
12. OfflineList To avoid this, simply close, using the "stop" button in the Autoplay

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